Why Our Nootkatone?

Introducing evenootkatoneTM from Evolva

By brewing our nootkatone from sugar, rather than extracting it from the skin of grapefruits, Evolva’s process allows nootkatone to be made in large amounts in a highly reproducible, contaminant free, sustainable and affordable manner.

The Importance of our nootkatone

Our nootkatone is a natural aroma ingredient that occurs in grapefruit and certain other plants. It is responsible for the characteristic smell of grapefruit. However, until now its use has been limited by its high price, limited supply, product quality and other factors.


With demonstrated safety, it is approved in all major countries for use in F&F, and is formulated today in a vast assortment of foods, drinks and skin care products.

A Versatile Ingredient

High-purity, with a taste and aroma typical of grapefruit, our nootkatone is well suited for a broad range of products such as fragrances, food, beverages, personal care and home care products.

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